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torsdag 25. oktober 2012

What a day!

12 hour days isn't exactly new to me, but... OMG! When the alarm rang me up this morning I had to check the clock twice;
But yes, it was exactly what I feared! Today's shoot was for  Stella, and I really had  looked forward til it cause the team was going to be great;

Linda, who you already know, and fabulous Malin, "new" in business, but she's  doing great!

An of course  It's always pleasant when we meet and work:)

We had to dress warm, cause...

All of us who brought wool to wear were really glad to...

The light was delicate and perfect!

I really look forward to... these to you! :))

We also were really early finished! YaY! Nothing wrong in that, riiiight...? :) I had to laugh after packing up... everything seemed so empty...! ;D

Bye-bye! :)

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